Breeding Program objectives and history - Extreme by Provedo

Breeding Program objectives and history

The breeding program´s objective is to obtain quality fruit trees in all typology. To achieve this we establish some specific objectives such as:

  • To adapt shape and flavour fruit to consumer taste.
  • To obtain after harvest long-life varieties.
  • To get easy forming trees, with low costs, high yields which hang well on tree.
  • To improve patrons.

In this way, some opinions and preferences regarding to costumers consumption are taken into account in order to plan the Breeding Program basis: Taste is 90% of people´s priority as purchase parameter; meanwhile colour and attractive shape are the preferences for the remaining 10%.

One sociological study shows that the first purchase impulse is to pay attention to shape and colour, but once the consumer knows the product, and has been satisfied with the taste and texture, 90% of people look for an exterior aspect to identify it from the rest. On the other hand, when the product is unknown, 65% of people look for symmetrical forms and whole smooth colours.

Why would a costumer repeat the purchase of a product?  95% of people do so due to satisfaction. Meanwhile the other 5% would repeat the purchase based on the exterior aspect factor.  Moreover for 90% of people, taste and texture are the more valuable aspects to take into account when consuming fruit.

As for fruit texture, crunchy flesh is more appreciated than melting ones.  A juicy fruit is also an important aspect. By contrary jelly and floury flesh are highly rejected..

To conclude, fruit must have an excellent aspect, attractive in shape and colour to induce the initial purchase, as well as to have a good taste and texture at the end of the commercial channel to satisfy the consumer: FIDELITY AND BUY AGAIN.